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ARTICLE: une année chargée pour le trio anglais

Another article and review of the band. THE OPPOSITION – Nouvel album, tournée et rééditions


An extensive article (in French) about the band and what's happening now: OPPOSITION : LE RETOUR !.

The return


the vinyl bundle

Evolving the website...

Work is ongoing to make this website the home for The Opposition. With the new version of the band getting into their stride, it will be the place to come to find out what they're up to, when albums are released, where and when you can see them and all the other stuff associated with an active band. We have a lot of old stuff to put up and organise to make this as complete as possible a place to find out about all things Opposition. New things will be coming and its worth following on your favourite social media platform too. As it develops, we will be opening it up to everyone out there to share their own Opposition stories. Keep an eye on it all because there's a lot more to come from the band!